There's an imposter among us! USA made 14k Gold Filled vs Brazilian 18k Gold Filled - What is the difference and how can I be sure I'm getting the real thing? | TickleBugJewelry

There's an imposter among us! USA made 14k Gold Filled vs Brazilian 18k Gold Filled - What is the difference and how can I be sure I'm getting the real thing?

It's no surprise, we LOVE our gold-filled jewelry around here! With it's timeless warm hue, look of luxury, and hypoallergenic tarnish free goodness, there's no wonder why it is everywhere recently!  But we've started noticing something in the jewelry world that is a bit alarming.



Okay, okay. Was that a little dramatic? Well yes and no.

You see, we are protective of the term "gold-filled" because it is the most PERFECT way to get high quality gold jewelry at a more affordable price point. (Did you know that gold is about $2000 per ounce?)  We search high and low for the best trusted suppliers of gold filled metals and components so that we are able to be YOUR trusted source of demi-fine personalized jewelry!  And lately we've been seeing the term "gold-filled" being used all willy nilly. So if you come across "gold filled" jewelry that is priced too good to be true, then it should be raising some red flags about it's quality.  

14k Gold Fill from the USA vs 18k Gold Fill from Brazil

Here at Tickle Bug Jewelry, we proudly use 14k Gold Fill that is manufactured here in the USA. This guarantees that our products will last decades, never tarnish or change colors, and are hypoallergenic and waterproof.  USA made 14k Gold Fill is created by taking a jewelers brass core and mechanically bonding THICK permanent layers of genuine 14k gold. This is not "gold plating" that will eventually rub off. It is HUNDREDS of times thicker than plating. Gold Fill here in the United States is highly regulated and must have a certain percentage of weight be from 14k gold. This ensures what you buy has lasting value!

Brazilian 18k Gold Fill is new on the market and boasts being high quality, but let's talk about why it's an inferior product compared to USA 14k Gold Fill.

Yes, Brazilian Gold Fill is usually a thicker plating than regular "gold plated" jewelry and will last a little longer. Usually about a year. It's a good choice for those trendy fashion pieces and at a cheap price point. However, the inner core of the Brazilian gold filled pieces are typically a metal alloy mystery metal, which can increase chances of an allergic reaction once that plating wears off. And it will be ugly and ruined with daily wear. 

So how can you tell if what you are getting is USA or Brazilian?

Some USA gold filled pieces have a 14/20 stamp on the inside. By law, when a product is marked with the fraction 14/20, it means that the item must contain 1/20 of 14 karat gold with relation to the brass fill/core (5%). Some of our items have the stamp (chains, some of our rings) but some of them do not as they are hand created from gold filled sheet metal, wire, etc. USA gold filled will be more expensive than the Brazilian counterparts due to the difference in quality. USA 14k Gold Fill also has a beautiful warm golden color and Brazilian 18k gold fill typically has a more bright yellow color. 

We don't create trendy fast fashion jewelry that will end up in the trash within a few months. We create demi-fine quality pieces that have your precious kids names inscribed, your anniversary dates, your initials...pieces that have sentimental meaning to you. Feel confident that what you buy from Tickle Bug Jewelry is made with USA 14k Gold Fill and made to last!


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