About Us

Delightfully Handcrafted Jewelry and Gifts

Here at Tickle Bug Jewelry, we've specialized in personalized hand stamped jewelry and gifts since 2014. We've recently launched our website on a brand new platform and gave our jewelry a modern glow up!

Our demi-fine personalized jewelry is made to last years and created out of the highest quality sterling silver and 14k gold filled metals. Find smart add ons like magnetic clasps, tangle-free layering necklace clasps, chain extenders, birthstone charms, and additional discs to truly make your pieces tailored just to you.

We are BIG supporters of the shop small movement and the impact it makes in our communities as well as real peoples' lives.

We source most of our materials within the United States and use suppliers who use recycled metals when able. We also are committed to recycling our metal scraps and limit plastic packaging in order to do our part to run a sustainable business.

It's the end of throw away jewelry! We aim to create high quality pieces that are made to last and delight you for years to come.

I'm so happy you're here.

Hey there, I'm Lisa!

Tickle Bug Jewelry was created back in 2014, shortly after the birth of my youngest son. Finding myself a mom of three wonderful dirt-covered boys, I wished for a way to continue to stay home with them through those early years, but also needed something that was just for me. A creative outlet, a way to learn new things, overcome new challenges, and bring some extra sparkle back into the everyday.


Tickle Bug Jewelry has now been sold in 14 different countries worldwide and our growing retail line is available in-store at several beautiful boutiques throughout the US. We also boast thousands of 5 star reviews and aim to delight each and every customer.


Your meaningful moments that are represented with a personalized piece from TBJ will be beautiful and high quality. It's our pinky-promise guarantee to you when you put your trust in allowing me to stamp, by hand. letter by letter your initials, baby's name, wedding date, etc.

Thanks for 10 years of helping me build up this dream business and allowing me, every day, to create your keepsakes. It's an honor.


Lisa Tremblay

Owner/Founder of TBJ

Using an individual metal letter punch and hammer, your names, words, and dates are carefully imprinted into the metal. This gives our pieces a whimsical quality that you just don't get with machine engraving, and we think that's pretty special.