Jewelry Care + Metals

 We here at Tickle Bug Jewelry want you to be "tickled" over your purchase: and that means high quality metals and demi-fine pieces that can live life with you! We are excited to now offer our jewelry in 925 Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Fill that with care, will last a lifetime. Meaningful jewelry that is personalized with your loves, inspirations and heart should be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle. So go ahead and sleep, sweat and shower in your personalized piece with confidence.  Read below to learn more about our metals and why we've chosen them to create your keepsakes.

Sterling Silver

  • 925 Sterling silver is a natural, precious metal that is hypoallergenic, nickel free, and will last a lifetime! Sterling silver, like any precious metal, can tarnish over time. Did you know the easiest way to prevent tarnish on your piece? Simply WEAR IT! Yes! Don't leave it on your dresser, exposed to the air. If you'd like to store it, please store in an airtight baggie.
Care + Cleaning of Sterling Silver Jewelry:
  • Tarnish is just a chemical reaction to the silver when exposed to the air or certain chemicals. But the good news? It's just on the outer surface of the piece and can easily be buffed away with a Sunshine polishing cloth or a Sterling Silver dip cleaner. We're also happy to assist in removing tarnish as part of our Tarnish Free Guarantee! Simply contact us to send it back and we'll fix it up.


14K Gold Filled

  • Gold Filled Jewelry is the best thing since sliced bread! At least we think so! Why, you ask? Because it gives you the look, feel and quality of real gold yet doesn't have the hefty price tag of over $1800 per ounce!
  • Gold filled jewelry is a USA regulated metal that has strict laws regarding quality. It is comprised of a jeweler's brass core that has real 14k gold (or rose gold) permanently and mechanically bonded to create a demi-fine quality product that will not rub off, flake off, or change colors. This isn't "plating" or "dipping" - this is 14k gold that is HUNDREDS of times thicker that is created to last a lifetime. 
  • Gold Filled jewelry is wonderful for those that have skin allergies as real 14k gold is all that ever touches your skin. NO Nickel is ever used in our products. 

Care + Cleaning of Gold Filled Jewelry:

  • Simply use a soft cloth to wipe clean your jewelry before storing. You can also use a small bit of dish soap and a toothbrush to remove skin oils and restore that gorgeous shine! We highly recommend our SUNSHINE polishing cloth. Do not use dip cleaners that are made for sterling silver jewelry. 

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